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For as long as I can remember, I have had what I can only describe as a yearning to release my imagination and create. I have fought that calling for most of my life because of fear and maybe some insecurity. There is always a risk of ridicule when someone "puts themself out there". I have finally come to a point in my life where concerns about what others think of me and the fear of falling under their harsh scrutiny are NOT going to keep me from putting myself out there. While many of my creations won't resonate with "the masses", each has special significance to me. If you don't like them, that is fine but they are truly "children of my thoughts and feelings" and hopefully, by sharing them here, some can find their way to kindred spirits with whom they can connect. If that is not you, that's ok too.

Vincent lives in the state of Florida in the United States of America and although he works with numerous mediums, his preferred platform is digital painting. Being self-taught, Vincent looks for inspiration through introspection, intuition, imagination, and personal experiences. A former radio announcer, college instructor, and corporate trainer, Vincent currently works in public service for the US federal government. He has traveled throughout Europe, South America and to the Far East and lived on the Victory Base Complex (VBC) near Baghdad, Iraq for nearly a year as a contractor with the US State Department in support of reconstruction efforts during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Vincent views his art as a critical life balance mechanism and communication vehicle and describes it as a therapist, stress manager, and at times, an obsession. He sees his art as an old friend that has always been there when needed and as a mirror providing insight and revelation.

Vincent's mission as an artist is to connect with others and provoke thought. He says that being able to stir an emotion, generate a reaction, or inspire someone is a way to connect with them. An image has the potential to create a connection even across the expanse of time itself.

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Vincent's Artwork has been featured following peer review on the main pages of the following Fine Art groups:
- Isaw - Imaginatively Superior Art Work
- Digital Art and Fabulous Fractals
- Loving Beige, Brown, and Septia
- Abstract Art for Home and Office
- Abstracts Expressing Feelings
- Abstract and Surreal Art
- Abstract Fractal Manipulations
- The Best of Abstract Digital Art
- Art and Meditation
- An Image Inspiring Meditation
- Spiritual Surrealists
- Mystic and Art
- LIke Never Before
- Psychosynthesis
- Self Taught Artists
- Robots Space Craft Aliens Outerspace Objects
- Spirit Vision
- Fractal Artwork
- T100 Colorful Artwork Using 5 or more Colors
- Mandala Rose
- Science Fiction
- Prophetic Art Mainstream
- Worldwide Abstract And Digital Art Group

Vincent's work has been recognized by taking First, Second, and Third place honors in numerous Fine Art competitions.

Vincent's Artwork has been purchased worldwide and is exhibited in Model homes in a prominent planned community in Central Florida and is a favorite of collectors with an affinity for the unique.



Jump For Joy by Vincent Autenrieb


Helping Hand by Vincent Autenrieb


Game Over by Vincent Autenrieb


Multiverse by Vincent Autenrieb


Psalm 22 Forsaken by Vincent Autenrieb


Diver's Perspective by Vincent Autenrieb


Hummingbird by Vincent Autenrieb


Humming Bird - Circle/Clear Background by Vincent Autenrieb


Humming Bird - Wall Art by Vincent Autenrieb


Bucket Butterfly by Vincent Autenrieb


Bucket Butterfly 1 by Vincent Autenrieb


Humming Along by Vincent Autenrieb


Metal Mandala by Vincent Autenrieb


Calling Home by Vincent Autenrieb


Still Motion by Vincent Autenrieb


Coexist by Vincent Autenrieb


Outside the Box by Vincent Autenrieb


4th of July 2017 by Vincent Autenrieb


Back in the Game by Vincent Autenrieb


New App by Vincent Autenrieb


With a Little Help From My Friends by Vincent Autenrieb


Decommissioning Plan by Vincent Autenrieb


Sweet Dreams by Vincent Autenrieb


Dreams by Vincent Autenrieb


Holiday Interrobang by Vincent Autenrieb


Psychedelic Interrobang by Vincent Autenrieb


InterroFang Bang by Vincent Autenrieb


Springtime by Vincent Autenrieb


Rainbow Fractal by Vincent Autenrieb


Inward Exploration by Vincent Autenrieb


Hurricane Matthew by Vincent Autenrieb


Losing It by Vincent Autenrieb


Caffiene by Vincent Autenrieb


Ancient Eyes by Vincent Autenrieb


Dime a Dozen by Vincent Autenrieb


Dance Music by Vincent Autenrieb


Souljourn by Vincent Autenrieb


Vibrations by Vincent Autenrieb


Unique Snowflakes by Vincent Autenrieb


Web Developer by Vincent Autenrieb


Kewl by Vincent Autenrieb


Rooted in Trust by Vincent Autenrieb


Grounded by Vincent Autenrieb


Tranquility by Vincent Autenrieb


Morning Commute by Vincent Autenrieb


Earth-Like by Vincent Autenrieb


Life Mandala by Vincent Autenrieb


United Diversity by Vincent Autenrieb